Congratulations to all our authors on your great reviews this month!

EYES OF THE COWAN by Lena Austin

“Magical and unique paranormal. Great characters that challenge and attract, he’s definitely met his feisty match with the mutual chemistry to boot. Engaging plot with some detailed unique magical elements. some steam and even a few comical moments, all kept me engrossed.”

— 5 Stars from Ann, Amazon Review

“Cute and adorable short read and leads to possible other books to follow. You should grab this and enjoy it with your favorite fur baby, cup of warm drink and have a laugh or two. Really good to relax with and enjoy.”

— 4 Stars from Dorothy G, Kobo Review

“A steamy well written with drama, twists, turns and romance.”

— 4 Stars from Barbara W, Kobo Review

“Interesting concept. Magical and unique paranormal. Great characters that challenge and attract, he’s definitely met his feisty match with the mutual chemistry to boot.”

— 5 Stars from Singneon, Barnes & Noble Review


“I can’t even describe how much I love this book. This is a new author for me and I was definitely not disappointed. I was on the edge of my seat, with my heart pounding and left breathless in the end. I cannot wait to see what comes next.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“…it was just everything I wanted it to be and so much more. This was such a fun mix of a MC story with shifters and I found the world building super enjoyable. I just could not put down this book, it was such a fun reading experience. This was such a wonderful read and I had a delightful time reading it.”

— 5 Stars from Florence, Amazon Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it was absolutely fantastic. I was on the edge of my seat devouring page after page. I was riveted; I couldn’t put it down and have to know what’s next. I can’t wait to dive into the next book. Trust me, grab this book now, you will thank me.”

— 5 Stars from wandaflanagan, Amazon Review

“…violence, secrets and surprises are the tip of the iceberg, and the author brought me into the world of MC’s and what happens behind closed doors. From the first page till the last I was glued to it and now all I want is more.”

— 5 Stars from Linda, Amazon Review

“This book is a rough, gritty, spellbinding read. I’m excited to get more from this author and her new MC. Very well written. An intriguing page-turner.”

— 5 Stars from Kindle Customer, Amazon Review

“An engaging story with drama, danger, suspense, villains, twists, turns and romance.”

— 5 Stars from Barbara W., Kobo Review

“Great start for this series: MC, shifters, witches, and vampires to keep everything at a constant battle. Grimdarke is so OTT sexy that he creates some doubt in Kit’s mind: he thinks she’s his mate, but there’s controversy with his MC not accepting her. Their banter is just as much fun as the banter between Grim and his cat. So much attitude! There’s drama, tragedy, and lots of unfinished business at the end so I can’t wait for the next book!”

— 5 Stars from Merilu Keenum, Kobo Review

“The author has given us a heart pounding story that pulls us into the lives of Grimdarke/Grim and Katherine/Kit. The story keeps us turning the pages with danger, secrets, desire and steam.”

— 5 Stars from jjohn1112, Barnes & Noble Review

“Grimdarke by AK Nevermore is the first in their Maw of Mayhem MC paranormal romance series. This book combines two wildly popular romance subgenres, big cat shifter and motorcycle club romance. If you are a fan of Eva Chase’s The Blood Brotherhood, you will love the Maw of Mayhem. With vampires, witches, and cat shifters, Grimdarke will delight urban fantasy fans. Overall, I highly recommend Grimdarke to urban fantasy fans or fans of motorcycle club romance who are looking for a spicy, gritty romance in a complex network of paranormal society.”

— 5 Stars from N.N. Light, Barnes & Noble Review

“The author has given us a heart pounding story that pulls us into the lives of Grimdarke/Grim and Katherine/Kit. The story keeps us turning the pages with danger, secrets, desire and steam.”

— 5 Stars from CJ, Goodreads Review

“What a wild ride! A gritty tale with a definite bad boy. The heroine kicked butt. So well written I devoured it in one sitting. The writing style is so descriptive you get a real sense of being there.”

— 5 Stars from Dana Cask, Goodreads Review

HARD AS A ROCK by Sara Jay

“his very quick read was a lovely and fun short story – perfect for when you haven’t got a lot of time or just want something super-fast to make you smile. Readers looking for a cheeky and fun short story with plenty of steam should find this an interesting and strong read.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews

JOKER (DIXIE REAPERS MC 19) by Harley Wylde

“I absolutely love it. Both main characters have strengths and weaknesses which makes them “real”. The story sucks you in. Completely had me hooked because I couldn’t put it down. Joker and Cleo are an unexpected combination that works well together. Things are coming from all sides and the love, action, energy, and emotion is the entire package.”

— 5 Stars from Reyna Upchurch, Amazon Review

“Wow, just wow! This story was emotionally heartbreaking, had me a little dizzy from holding my breath but left with a smile on my face. Joker and Cleo had many hills to climb but their love for one another kept them going strong. This story was so different from all the others in this series but it was as great. I cannot wait to see what happens next.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“Get ready for a big rollercoaster of an emotional ride. This book keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what is going to happen next. Looking forward to the next book in this series.”

— 5 Stars from CRoll, Amazon Review

“Joker and Cleo’s story takes us on such an emotional ride. This story was as much heartbreaking as it was uplifting. The love and understanding that was given to Cleo was awe inspiring and brought tears to my eyes. This is another great story with wonderful characters that Harley has presented to us.”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

“Fantastic book. I was hooked from the start and was anxious for each chapter. I couldn’t read it fast enough. Seriosuly was hooked from the beginning.”

— 5 Stars from Minxy C, Amazon Review

“This book put me in my emotions. From the first page to the last. All the characters, the pain I felt it all. This author knows how to not only write a story, but make you feel as if you are each character and are living through it. I’m now waiting not so patiently for the next book!”

— 5 Stars from Autumn Tate, Amazon Review

“…a pretty great read. Intense and emotional–I do recommend it.”

— 5 Stars from Andrea, Amazon Review

“Joker is amazing. I have been waiting for this awesome addition to Dixie Reapers series again because in each book of all her series each couple is special yet we always get the best entertainment with the side characters. The sexual and love chemistry between Joker and Cleo is awesome and still there is nothing Joker wouldn’t do for Cleo. I love and adore this book.”

— 5 Stars from Cheryl Wells Banks, Amazon Review

“Another great book. This had a little bit of a different feel to it than some of the other books in the series, but not in a bad way. Highly recommend.”

— 5 Stars from Ashley Smiley, Amazon Review

“…Harley did a fantastic job of bringing it all together and keeping you wanting more! Harley is one of my favorite authors who is so talented that you are never left wanting in any area of the book. Not many can do what she does so well! I can’t wait for the next book.”

— 4 Stars from Dark and Angsty, Amazon Review


“I really enjoy these stories as the main couple often has chemistry off the charts that not only makes their sexy times neat but also comes in handy as they build trust that can help them navigate at times dangerous circumstances that can come their way. I have read other stories in this series and this one did not disappoint.”

— 5 Stars from avidreader4ever, Amazon Review

“The story world is based on Merlin with a twist. . The characters are strong and delightful. The romance is steamy with just enough turmoil to keep the story moving. Angela Knight always does a great job with her world building, You get a feel and sense of what it is like.”

— 4 Stars from AnotherDayInParadise, Amazon Review

“…I was seduced again! I loved the Mageverse series. Now, I am being reeled in by this newer version of the Magekind inhabitants. A good read.”

— 4 Stars from Dede, Amazon Review

“This writer is so much fun. She is creative and pushes boundaries along the way. This is a fairly short read that is hot and steamy. It also has an intriguing and interesting plot which develops very nicely. I love the characters and how this story develops from beginning to end.”

— 5 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“I was a huge fan of the original mageverse series and I really enjoyed this new series. It fit very well with the original and I can’t wait to read more.”

— 5 Stars from Kymaggie13, Barnes & Noble Review


“I laughed most of the time when I was reading it… a bit of steam and a happily ever after, of course. Just read it, you won’t regret! Five stars!”

— 5 Stars from Andra, Amazon Review

“This is a very unusual story about an author, Amy, who can’t get past writing Chapter 3… she needs a little help to get her plots going again. And her characters are finally ready to mutiny and find a little action in the pages!”

— 4 Stars from Emily Pennington, Kobo Review

“This is a very unique, funny and erotic read. I really liked the premise and it’s an enjoyable read.”

— 5 Stars from Fran B., Barnes & Noble Review

“This was hilarious and perfect for some adult reading material when laughter makes the day brighter. Steamy, entertaining with an interesting romantic twist.”

— 5 Stars from Singneon, Barnes & Noble Review

ONE ANGEL’S WISH by Kira Stone

“Humorous, sometimes silly, spicy but sweet, Chris and Geena, along with a cast of fun, quirky characters, will have you smiling long before the end.”

— 4 Stars from Char Denae, Amazon Review

“This is a short and steamy read, which I loved! Chris and Geena are a good fit together and I really enjoyed the wonderful novella!”

— 5 Stars from sissyj59, Amazon Review

“This is a quirky romance filled with angels, sizzling steam and a little devil. It was fun to read how Chris and Geena changed from lonely people to a cohesive unit. They were sweet, sexy and eventually decisive. What a heavenly romance!”

— 5 Stars from ajscenic, Barnes & Noble Review

“Chris an Angel and Geena’s short story is engaging and held my interest as they work through her problem, a fun story to read.”

— 4 Stars from Babs, Barnes & Noble Review

ROCKET (GRIM ROAD MC 1) by Marteeka Karland

“FINALLY!!!!!! Just the one I’ve been waiting for! I FREAKIN LOVE LEMON AND ROCKET! They’re absolutely perfect together. Lemon’s tart little behind is fierce and I do believe she’s met her match in Rocket. Rocket is EVERYTHING I’d hoped it would be and so much more. I can’t wait for what’s in store for Rocket, Lemon and Grim Road MC. This fantastic new series is going to keep us on our toes!”

— 5 Stars from GKP2460, Amazon Review

“Every SINGLE time I have a favorite MC person, here comes Mrs Marteeka worth the heat!! Because why are Rocket and Lemon running through my mind on a loop. Lemon is so funny to me but she is sure of herself and I love that. Rocket is just the Alpha to tame her. I highly recommend this read.”

— 5 Stars from Tasha, Amazon Review

“Every time I think I have a favorite character Marteeka comes up with another one I just adore. Rocket and Lemon make for an explosive couple and the book is a page turner from cover to cover. It also leaves you wanting to know more about the men of Grim Road MC.”

— 5 Stars from AnotherDayInParadise, Amazon Review

“A definite page turner that left me breathless and speechless. Rocket and Lemon’s story is one I’ve wanted to read and expected it to be full of sass and fire. This was so much more than that and I loved everything about it.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“What a start! It’s official, Lemon and Rocket are now my favorite couple from this author. The way Lemon puts these men in their place is great and Rocket always has her back. Cannot wait for the next book in the series. I’d give it more stars if possible.”

— 5 Stars from Sandi F, Amazon Review

“Best yet! I loved Rocket & Lemon! I can’t wait for the next chapter!”

— 5 Stars from Melissa Toner, Amazon Review

“Lemon is awesome and I’m glad Rocket let her be awesome. I love the banter between the characters. I’ve already put the next book on my wishlist.”

— 5 Stars from Kindle Customer, Amazon Review

“Awesome… I must admit I was waiting on Lemon and Rocket! Karland did not disappoint!”

— 5 Stars from A. Renee, Amazon Review

“Yet again, another amazing story. Loved this book and very intrigued…”

— 5 Stars from April G., Amazon Review

“I know this is the story we have all been waiting on! Lemon is freaking awesome with her powerful personality, prickly attitude and no filter mouth. Rocket and Lemon are a powerful couple and balance each other out. Rocket is calm to Lemon’s nonstop bickering and stirring up trouble-But when she does stir up trouble it is for the betterment of the club. They do have challenges along the way, but they come out of them stronger than ever.”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

SILK BONDS by Kate Hill

“This is a fairly short and quick read that is steamy and spicey. I enjoyed the story and characters.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“The novel was very sensual and exciting… I inhaled the book in a day, and would recommend it as a great entertainment.”

— 5 Stars from Anonymous, Barnes & Noble Review

“A hot short story about Lourdes and Alexi and the secret he’s hiding. This is the first book I’ve read by the author. Waiting for the next book.”

— 5 Stars from mima48, Barnes & Noble Review

“A spicy, sexy book about redemption and love and getting the chance to be the best of yourself. Short and sexy and worth the read!”

— 5 Stars from L. Whiteley, Barnes & Noble Review

TAKEN BY THE SATYR (TAKEN 5) by Megan Slayer

“…this is such a beautiful story to read over and over again!”

— 5 Stars from grammatoni, Amazon Review

“I enjoyed seeing these two damaged people get a happy ending, in this engaging story.”

— 4 Stars from Barbara W., Kobo Review


“…a tale of action, morality, and unexpected romance, creating anticipation for a gripping and emotionally charged story that explores the transformative power of love in the face of adversity.”

— 4 Stars from Rebel L, Kobo Review