June 2024 Reviews

Congratulations to all our authors on your great reviews this month!


“Loved how the heat built and how John helped Mariana unlock her own passionate nature. Ultra-hot and steamy historical mail order bride romance with lots of angst and drama.”

— 5 Stars from Kymagirl, Amazon Review

“A sweet and spicy read.”

— 4 Stars from Bobcat, Amazon Review

“I really enjoyed reading Bedding the Beast, it was a reasonably quick read, historical, mail order bride, with steam and a hint of paranormal.”

— 5 Stars from EM, Amazon Review

“Loved this story, so well written. There are misunderstandings, passion, unkindness, suspicion, and self doubt.”

— 5 Stars from Booklover1952, Kobo Review

“Fantastic!! Definitely a must read for it’s got it all. Wonderful characters and plenty of interesting incidents.”

— 5 Stars from Deb W., Apple Bookstore Review

“I love this take on a bought wife.”

— 5 Stars from Mima48, Barnes & Noble Review

“The author has given us a heartwarming story that pulls us into the lives of John and Mariana. The story keeps us turning the pages with anger, fears and steam.”

— 5 Stars from Jjohn1112, Barnes & Noble Review


“If you like steampunk, this series is for you.”

— 4 Stars from Christina L., Kobo Review

“Fans of gritty steampunk style world building will enjoy the vivid reality that’s been built. There are plenty of twists and steamy scenes packed into these pages to keep readers riding along for this adventure.”

— 5 Stars from Bookstatreviews, Kobo Review

“The narrative unfolds with breakneck speed, weaving together romance, betrayal, and pulse-pounding action. Each character is vividly drawn, from Cressida’s internal conflict and Marjorie’s cunning duplicity to Kit’s steadfast heroism.”

— 4 Stars from Rebel L., Kobo Review

FIREFIGHTER’S SOUR (ESCAPE!) by Tuesday Morrigan

“Really fast, and short read, really spicy…”

— 5 Stars from Furry Mom, Amazon Review

“…I enjoyed reading.”

— 5 Stars from Barbara W., Kobo Review

“It is [a] steamy and fun story… a good paranormal quick read.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review


“Highly recommend checking this out if you are looking for something quick, funny, and steamy!”

— 5 Stars from Yanni, Apple Bookstore Review

KIT-KAT (Maw of Mayhem MC 3) by AK Nevermore

“…packed with action, magic, and paranormal politics that will delight any urban fantasy fan. I highly recommend Kit-Kat by AK Nevermore for lovers of MC romance, shifter romance, or urban fantasy. Readers won’t be able to turn the pages fast enough to keep up with the shifter pack dynamics, action scenes, steamy romance, and witty banter between MC club members.”

— 5 Stars from N.N. Light, Amazon Review

“What a fantastic author! I’ve read the first two books in this series and could not wait for this one. DEVOURED it. (no pun intended) Kit-Kat is perfect. The shenanigans they get into! Love her writing style, love her imagination. AK Nevermore is an author you want to keep an eye on…”

— Kindle Customer, Amazon Review

“This was a good read!! I really enjoyed this one even more than the second one! All of the banter, the spice and the drama!”

— 4 Stars from QueenReviews, Amazon Review

“This is a fun series to read. Although it can be read as a standalone, it is much more fun to read the first two books. The writing style is fun and interesting and keeps you turning the page.”

— 4 Stars from AnotherDayInParadise, Amazon Review

“Great characters, tough situations, plenty of steamy moments and sass. Danger, twists, surprises and even more questions before the ending. Prepare to be sucked into this storyline even more.”

— 4 Stars from Judy H., Kobo Review

“Kit-Kat and Grimdarke just get better and better with each book! They’re exquisitely dirty and satisfyingly gritty together as their relationship grows. I love the banter between them…”

— 5 Stars from Merilu Keenum, Kobo Review

“WOW! An intense story that will keep the reader on the edge of the seat.”

— 5 Stars from Grammatoni, Kobo Review

“…full of action and suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat with anticipation and I just couldn’t put this book down.”

— 5 Stars from Kels42, Barnes & Noble Review

“…another wild reading ride filled with action, danger, suspense, secrets and steam. Of course, there’s more sarcasm and steamy spice, too, so there really isn’t a dull moment to be found in here. Good fun!”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

“Couldn’t put it down. The author has given us another heart pounding story in the Maw of Mayhem MC series. The story keeps us turning the pages with danger, suspense, secrets and steam.”

— 5 Stars from jjohn1112, Barnes & Noble Review

“This tale weaves a web of intense suspense, violence, danger, twists and turns, drama, and plenty of steam; that will keep you completely spellbound.”

— 5 Stars from Chef_Rose, Barnes & Noble Review

LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME by Cameron Allie

“Good book! …I enjoyed the characters. I recommend reading this collection. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.”

— 4 Stars from JaimeG, Amazon Review

“Each story is fast paced and so good.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“A great collection of short stories that are well written and held my interest.”

— 5 Stars from Barbara W., Kobo Review

“Fantastic!! Wonderful characters that have some interesting moments and lots more. A definite must read. It’s a read again for me!”

— 5 Stars from Deb W., Apple Bookstore Review

“Each story is well written with interesting story lines and characters.”

— 5 Stars from Jeanne R., Barnes & Noble Review

“This is a feelgood collection of stories that doesn’t disappoint as each of the friends finds their “one” and moves to a HEA.”

— 4 Stars from MichelleRRR, Barnes & Noble Review

“The author has given us a wonderful selection of stories with this collection. Each fast-paced story pulls us into the lives of the characters and does not let go.”

— 5 Stars from jjohn1112, Barnes & Noble Review


“This is a very hot, hot, hot and spicy steamy erotic read. Excellent erotica.”

— 5 Stars from Fran B., Barnes & Noble Review

MORGUE (IRON TZARS MC 11) by Marteeka Karland

“I couldn’t think of a better guy for Dorothy! Morgue is just what she needed to feel safe again and she is just what he needed. Morgue protects her and slays her nightmares. This author never lets me down she’s definitely one of the best. You need to read all her series.”

— 5 Stars from Sandi F., Amazon Review

“You will enjoy Morgue and his one syllable answers, you will cheer on Dorothy’s recovery. The characters make you root for their relationship, be excited the bad guys are caught and get to visit with the Iron Tzars again.”

— 5 Stars from AnotherDayInParadise, Amazon Review

“Dorothy and Morgue might be the best Iron Tzars couple. Morgue is the deadliest member of all and those that hurt Dorothy will pay. No matter who you are. Dorothy finds where she belongs and that’s with Morgue and Iron Tzars.”

— 5 Stars from Melissa Toner, Amazon Review

“This story blew me away. Morgue and Dorothy meet in the worst but best way possible. This rough guy finds himself speechless when trying to talk to her. That right there stole my heart. Their journey is beautiful in the most raw and intense way. I enjoyed going on this heart-racing, emotional and absolutely gratifying ride with them.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“Another winner in this series of books! Great characters and plot along with some good twists and turns plus action. Very enjoyable book. Looking forward to the next one.”

— 5 Stars from CRoll, Amazon Review

“I think Morgue may just be my new favorite! I love that Dorothy was able to get past what Morgue does and see the man he wants to be for Dorothy. This book was another entertaining and addicting story by Marteeka. I highly recommend Morgue and hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

“This author is an automatic buy now for me, every series no matter the blurbs. I love the Iron Tzars MC and was excited about this new book, as always great action and brothers who kick a$$!”

— 4 Stars from BISER, Amazon Review

“I loved this book from beginning to end.”

— 5 Stars from SuzyQ7006, Barnes & Noble Review

“The characters are great and have strong development from the beginning, this was an amazing read and I didn’t want this to finish. This book does deal with some TW issues, but deals with them in an extremely excellent way. This is another do not miss read from Marteeka. Fully recommend this author, book and series.”

— 5 Stars from Alibas, Barnes & Noble Review

“The characters are great and have strong development from the beginning, this was an amazing read and I didn’t want this to finish. This book does deal with some TW issues, but deals with them in an extremely excellent way.”

— 5 Stars from Alice B., Kobo Review

OBEDIENCE by Isabella Jordan

“I found this to be a fun and rather sassy short story. I thought the twist in the tale about the Obedience curse was a stroke of genius and I really enjoyed the slant to the story as a whole… this is a quick read I feel many readers will enjoy.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews


“Harley Wylde has defied normal boundaries with this dark romance. She taps into our deepest and most secret fears and desires to bring us a story of an emotional intensity that it will keep you enthralled to the very end!”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Goodreads Review

“I was so surprised how much I enjoyed this book. I’m so glad Harley decided to branch out into something darker because it did not disappoint.”

— 5 Stars from Nina, Goodreads Review

“Fascinating read by Harley Wylde. Completely unexpected characters but strangely captivating. Take a chance on this one.”

— 4 Stars from Laura Criddle, Goodreads Review

“This is a departure from Harleys usual books but it’s a really great read, very interesting but very darkly written with wonderful world building and characters. This has romance drama, intrigue and plenty of action. I recommend this read.”

— 5 Stars from Alice, Goodreads Review

“Omg, so different and dark but so delicious of a read for me from Harley. She writes so amazing and captivating… just love love this book, a must read.”

— 5 Stars from Cheryl Wells, Goodreads Review

“Obsession was astounding book, had great character building that left you on the edge of your seat!”

— 5 Stars from Julie Winslett, Goodreads Review

“…it had me captivated and unable to put it down.”

— 4 Stars from Ashley, Goodreads Review

“Definitely dark and twisted, but oh so good! Keeps you interested from the start. Looking forward to the next book.”

— 5 Stars from Carol Roll, Goodreads Review

“Obsession was a very well written and Dark book. 5 stars for an amazing storyline and graphic content.”

— 5 Stars from Jenna, Goodreads Review

“Riot and Hollis brings this dark tale to life with their personalities. Obsession had me all caught up in it.”

— 5 Stars from Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Goodreads Review


“This was another fun and hot read… I enjoyed following them along their journey to becoming a happy throuple :D”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

RUNAWAY HOME (ESCAPE!) by Camille Anthony

“Super cute short story of two people with broken hearts finding each other.”

— 4 Stars from Shell R., Kobo Review

“It is [a] steamy and fun story about Jackson and Sioux. This is a good and very quick read…”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“Well written characters and story. Great chemistry, drama and entertaining. Good read.”

— 5 Stars from onlymetracy, Barnes & Noble Review

SLEEPING DRAGON by Stephanie Burke

“It wasn’t quite what I was expecting, but it was engaging, and certainly spicy.”

— 4 Stars from Alias11, Amazon Review