March 2024 Reviews

Congratulations to all our authors on your great new reviews!

BEWITCHED BY THE BEAR by Jessica Coulter Smith

“With interesting characters and plenty of steamy intimacy this was a good book and one I enjoyed reading.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews

BRIELLE AND THE ALIEN GEEK by Jessica Coulter Smith

“This was a quick and easy read… I found this to be a great start to a series and look forward to reading more.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews

CHANGELING by Shelby Morgen

“This was a fun and unusual tale of love found in the most unexpected sizes! This was funny and intriguing. This kept me entertained and these two leads have a lot of chemistry and a pull that felt echoed through the ages.”

— 5 Stars from MeemsAngel82, Amazon Review

“A cute story of love and magic.”

— 5 Stars from Grammatoni, Kobo Review

“I really enjoyed this Paranormal Romance. It was really funny and kept me laughing out loud and turning the pages. I just couldn’t put this book down.”

— 5 Stars from Kelly S., Kobo Review

“This is a fun, steamy and sexy story with some magical fun, fairies and more.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review


“…a lot of steamy activities involving many, many individuals.”

— 4 Stars from Andra, Amazon Review

“This was a strong sequel in the Empire of the Sky series, it had everything that I was looking for based on the first book and other books from Mikala Ash. It had a strong concept and was written perfectly with what I was hoping for. I enjoyed the characters in this world and thought they were smartly written.”

— 5 Stars from Kathryn M, Kobo Review

“…the story takes a more unconventional turn compared to its predecessor, delving into a realm of heightened intrigue and an abundance of steamy encounters involving a myriad of characters. A plot does emerge, albeit somewhat concealed, weaving through unexpected twists and turns that kept me thoroughly engaged.”

— 5 Stars from Rebel L., Kobo Review


“This book is very spicy… I highly recommend Darker to paranormal romance and spicy urban fantasy readers.”

— 5 Stars from N. N. Light, Amazon Review

“Sexy shifter must-read! Yum, totally devoured this [in] a matter of hours… It’s all the right types of spicy, it’s got a great story with shifters, witches, and vampires. I am so invested in this story and all the characters that I cannot wait for the next book.”

— 5 Stars from Christina, Amazon Review

“Nevermore never stops amazing me with her snarky wit and great story plots. Vampires, witches and shifters come together to make this yet another must read.”

— 5 Stars from Stacy M Manning, Amazon Review

“PNR MC with lots of action, drama, and attitude! This series is awesome! Shifters, vampires, witches, and humans are fighting each other for supremacy. Grim and Kit are shifters who have an interesting relationship with their inner beasts and between them as she grows into her role as his queen. There’s so much snark, banter, and drama that I laughed at their antics. Action packed from start to finish with the story ending on another cliffhanger.”

— 5 Stars from Merilu Keenum, Amazon Review

“I loved the storyline, the twists, the spice and everything with this MC novel! I will now be going down the Shifter MC romance rabbit hole! Thank you for an amazing read A.K Nevermore!”

— 4 Stars from Tishana Wright, Amazon Review

“The author has continued the heart pounding story that pulls us into the lives of Grim/Darke and Kit/Kat. The story keeps us turning the pages with secrets, danger, curses and supernatural beings.”

— 5 Stars from jjohn, Amazon Review

“So many secrets, surprises, betrayal, lies and nonstop action left me catching my breath time and again. This is a series that I highly recommend. It has everything you could want in a shifter book and MC book.”

— 5 Stars from Linda, Amazon Review

“…kept me turning pages, I was not putting this engaging story down until I was finished. There is drama, suspense, secrets, danger, curses, supernatural beings and romance.”

— 5 Stars from Barbara W, Kobo Review

“The perfect blend of spice and character development kept me thoroughly engaged from start to finish, leaving me eager for more. What stood out most was the delightful banter and chemistry between the characters, adding depth and charm to the narrative. It’s refreshing to see cat shifters take center stage and receive the attention they deserve.”

— 5 Stars from Rebel L, Kobo Review

“This was a very suspenseful read for me with all the action. It kept me hooked and turning the pages, I just couldn’t put this book down.”

— 5 Stars from Kelly S, Kobo Review

“Great story.”

— 5 Stars from booklover1952, Kobo Review

“Honestly the book was an amazing sequel to the first book. It had the perfect amount of spice and character development between Kit/Kat.”

— 5 Stars from Heaven Martin, Goodreads Review

“This is a wonderfully written book! I absolutely loved the characters and their banter and snark! It will leave you in stitches! This is an action packed full of spice with a great plot! Also, it ends on another cliffhanger! Brace yourselves!”

— 5 Stars from Between the Covers, Goodreads Review

DOCTOR, DOCTOR by Will Okati

“…well drawn characters, each with distinctly different personalities, but ones that mesh really well. Physical attraction is definitely there, as well as a lot of creativity on all three sides, with steamy times, an unexpected outside event, and a satisfactory conclusion.”

— 4 Stars from Deedee, Amazon Review

“This was a duet of two really good quick reads. I really enjoyed both of them very much…”

— 5 Stars from Reatha, Amazon Review

“This is a good bundle of stories. I enjoyed these stories separately but it was good to have them all together.”

— 4 Stars from DLB2572, Amazon Review

“These are two stories of males finding their other half or halves… if you like this type of book I think you will enjoy their stories.”

— 4 Stars from Christina L, Kobo Review

“This book is actually two novellas in one. They’re both fairly short but packed with emotion, spice and HEA’s. They’re both set in the medical-ish space and involve members of the medical field. They’re both super quick to read but fulfilling and spicy.”

— 4 Stars from Ashshoults, Apple Bookstore Review

“This is a fun and seriously smoking hot erotic story. I thought the author took just the right amount of time – letting the reader see Ross, Geoff and Aurelien interact together as regular guys before they all hit the sheets and started burning them down. I adored Ross’s character and loved that his enormous brain had some deliciously hidden depths. I enjoyed not just the sex but how the three guys took their time getting to explore and learn how they fit together.”

— Long and Short Reviews via Barnes & Noble

“From the past resurfacing and looking brighter than ever to three is definitely not a crowd, both of these stories take you on a journey to happiness. Both stories are entertaining and both are easy to read.”

— 4 Stars from Tappy, Barnes & Noble Review

“…quick, enjoyable reads. Both stories bring the steam, along with a touch of sweetness and some likable characters that fit together well.”

— 4.5 Stars from Juni G, Barnes & Noble Review

“…I find it nice to have shorter stories ready for those times when I just don’t have the time for a long story and need a quick read. These entertaining spicy romances will fill those spots and have true happy ever afters.”

— 5 Stars from Likes2Explore, Barnes & Noble Review

EYES OF THE COWAN by Lena Austin

“This paranormal romance is a delightful blend of magic and uniqueness. The characters are not only captivating but also possess a magnetism that keeps you hooked. The plot is engaging, sprinkled with intricate magical elements, steamy scenes, and moments of humor that had me thoroughly engrossed. Blaze and Valda, in particular, charmed their way into my heart, leaving me wishing I could join them in their adventures.”

— 5 Stars from Rebel L., Kobo Review

GHOST (SHIVA’S ROAD MC 1) by Dana Cask

“The story had great character development and they were very likable. It is a book that I had a hard time setting aside. I would say to myself….just one more chapter… then next thing I know I had read the whole book. Hopefully we get more in this series!”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

“Action packed MC romance. There’s some twists and turns along the way. Good read and excited to read more in the series.”

— 4 Stars from Ashley Smiley, Amazon Review

“Ghost and Simone had to get over their past before they could move forward with their life. Loved getting to know them and the secondary characters of the book. Dana is a new author and she did an awesome job on this one.”

— 5 Stars from Debbie Powell, Amazon Review

“Good book! Once I started reading it, I had a hard time putting it down. Ghost and Simone are a great couple and I was cheering them on. They both had issues from the past they needed to move on from. I would recommend reading this book.”

— 4 Stars from JaimeG, Amazon Review

“Ghost is my first read by this author and hopefully not my last. This is a great fast-paced read and left me hoping we get more of Rachel and Wulf both in the future.”

— 4 Stars from GKP2460, Amazon Review

“Good book! I really liked reading Ghost.”

— 5 Stars from Amy Jones, Amazon Review

“This was a new to me author and I have to say that she now has a new follower. Ghost is about pasts that need to be overcome before you can go forward. A good MC read and I can’t wait to see what comes next.”

— 4 Stars from Doris, Amazon Review

“This was a first read from this author and I enjoyed it. I’m looking forward to more… hoping we’ll be able to get inside Rachel’s head at some point.”

— 4 Stars from Nina, Amazon Review


“Read this in an air conditioned room because these two definitely heat up these pages. This series just keeps getting better. The intoxicating passion keeps me coming back for more. Can’t wait to see what happens next.”

— 5 Stars from Andrea Fernandez, Goodreads Review

“…some new characters and some really k!nky stuff. I enjoyed it very much.”

— 5 Stars from kindle, Amazon Review

LEMON (GRIM ROAD MC 2) by Marteeka Karland

“If you liked Lemon before then this book may make you love her. She is one bad*ss female VP… This book is pure Lemony goodness. I loved it from start to finish.”

— 5 Stars from SuzyQ7006, Barnes & Noble Review

“Lemon and Rocket just click; their chemistry is amazing and he loves her deeply, but this book is also about getting the MC into a more cohesive unit and making them better in the long run. Can’t wait to read more from Marteeka in the future.”

— 5 Stars from Alibas, Barnes & Noble Review

“Lemon is exquisitely captivating with her ferocity, her sass, her loyalty and the deeply intoxicating way she loves. She may have embarked on a hard to climb journey but with her tenacity and stubbornness she seems to be able to take on any hurdles she may face plus she has Rocket, who never fails to cheer the loudest and stays a constant support. These two are a beautiful force. I enjoyed seeing them both grow. Cannot wait to see what happens next with the Grim Road MC.”

— 5 Stars from Andrea Fernandez, Amazon Review

“Lemon has such a depth of character that she has a permanent place on my favorite character list. Lemon is growing into her role as VP of Grim Road MC but it is not without its challenges. Rocket is by her side every step of the way. They are such a dynamic couple and the chemistry between them is dynamite. I highly recommend getting to know the premier couple of Grim Road.”

— 5 Stars from AnotherDayInParadise, Amazon Review

“I enjoyed seeing more of Lemon. She is young but remarkably self aware. She has claimed her man and her new club with a vengeance. I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to this series and look forward to wherever Ms. Karland will take us next.”

— 4 Stars from Titania, Amazon Review

“I’ve waited for this one for a long time it seems. Lemon is my favorite character and her tart little attitude is perfect. She’s the new VP at Grim Road and is a lot to handle! This girl gives as good as she gets and never backs down. She’s a force to be reckoned with and needless to say, Grim Road will never be the same.”

— 5 Stars from GKP2460, Amazon Review

“She is everything Grim Road needed but didn’t want! She’ll protect her man and family at all cost! The club made her VP because she would bring them together in a way none of the other could and nobody would have the Prez’s back better than her!”

— 5 Stars from Melissa Toner, Amazon Review

“Lemon rocks! I love a kick butt heroine! I also love a hero who lets her be herself and supports her. This is one of my favorite books of Marteeka Karland’s.”

— 5 Stars from Debra Harken, Amazon Review

“I think we all fell in love with the person Lemon is. I also think there is something in us that wishes that we can be a little like her…. I know I do! Lemon is loyal to a fault; she is full of sarcasm and gives better than she gets… such a strong, powerful character! She will truly be one that will be forever remembered.”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

“Love these two and cannot wait for more from this MC. Definitely a must read!”

— 5 Stars from Sandi F., Amazon Review

“Lemon has become my new favorite younger hero. She is trying to manage her new role as VP and being Rocket’s old lady. I highly recommend this read and all in the series.”

— 5 Stars from Tasha, Amazon Review

LORD OF DREAMS by Alice Gaines

“This is a steamy and wonderful novella. Readers who like a good amount of characterization and substance to their plot along with their steamy sex scenes should find this a good balance and an interesting story.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews

LOVE RAINS by Kira Stone

“I enjoyed this very short story and found it refreshingly different to so many out there… a great quick read and an author I will be keeping an eye out for more of.”

— 4 Stars from Fern, Long and Short Reviews


“Readers who are looking for something a bit more humorous and not afraid to take itself lightly should find this a hilarious read. Grab a drink, sit back and enjoy the ride. For a very different, and laughter filled quick read this is a good and fun story that I feel sure should make you smile and leave you feeling satisfied.”

— 4 Stars from Fern, Long and Short Reviews


“It’s a steamy, OTT, instalove, threesome romance. And it’s a hot one, folks! I loved it!”

— 5 Stars from Jen9731, Amazon Review

“The steamy scenes were hot, very well written, and the vulnerability of each character was sweet. I loved the mutual respect and care that Tanner, Ridge, and Nash shared.”

— 5 Stars from Merilu, Amazon Review

“I enjoyed this MMF story. The characters are engaging, and the sex is hot. This is a short, quick erotic read, but the author gives the characters enough depth, description, and emotion to make the reader care about them and their connections.”

— 5 Stars from Alias11, Amazon Review

“I really enjoyed this book, excellent erotic story, well written and very steamy.”

— 5 Stars from Fran B, Amazon Review

“Feel the emotions of their feelings as they find their way to be together. All erotic.”

— 4 Stars from Christina L, Kobo Review

“The author did a great job showing the emotions they all felt [with] lots of dialogue to help us know them well. I really enjoyed how this unfolded and look forward to what’s next by this author.”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

“Full steam ahead! Well written, great characters and dialogue.”

— 5 Stars from Jane, Barnes & Noble Review


“Heart-racing, hair raising, ugly crying, intense and emotional roller coaster ride. This is a story that will break you apart but slowly piece you back together again. I loved everything about it! Definitely a profound and poignant story.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“Awesome. This book was emotional but Harley did it again. It is an amazing book.”

— 5 Stars from Debbie Powell, Amazon Review

“This thrilling story kept me glued to the pages and my emotions everywhere.”

— 5 Stars from Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Amazon Review

“I highly recommend this book and series from the always excellent author Harley Wylde. She is a most inspiring author and her tenacity and creativity are a breath of fresh air!”

— 5 Stars from Alibas, Barnes & Noble Review

“Prophet was exactly what Ares needed to overcome every trauma she’s encountered in her short life. He didn’t necessarily treat her with kid gloves but he also knew her hardened exterior would need time to regrow. Now I just need to know what is up with Foster!”

— 5 Stars from Nina’s Reviews, Goodreads Review

“A story that covers the darkness than can happen in the world and the strength of a person’s mind to be able to survive, heal and move on after an earth-shattering, soul shattering life experience.”

— 5 Stars from Ilse, Goodreads Review

“Prophet and Ares story had me feeling absolutely EVERYTHING! This book got me stirred up from the start and kept me that way until the end… a great, emotional journey.”

— 5 Stars from GKP2460, Goodreads Review

“Ares has been through so much and went through even more in this book. Prophet was beyond perfect to stand beside her and have her back in her journey to heal. I am beyond happy these two finally got their HEA. 100% grab the tissues and enjoy the ride; this book is perfect!”

— 5 Stars from Leah, Goodreads Review

“Absolutely amazing. It’s a page turner and I didn’t want to put it down. It’s another great Dixie Reapers MC romance.”

— 5 Stars from Ashley, Goodreads Review

“Lots of emotions are in this book. Good characters and plot along with some good twists and turns plus acceptance and compassion.”

— 5 Stars from Carol Roll, Goodreads Review

SILK BONDS by Kate Hill

“Alexi and Lourdes [were] looking for a connection and found it… in the very place she was hurt by and he was trained for but exiled from. Each found not only love but each other and that bond solidified their place in each other’s hearts and lives…”

— 5 Stars from Beast’s Beauty, Amazon Review

“A hot short story about Lourdes and Alexi and the secret he’s hiding. This is the first book I’ve read by the author. Waiting for the next book.”

— 5 Stars from Mina48, Barnes & Noble Review

SNOWBOUND by The Changelings

“Very short but very steamy situations that are detailed enough to easily visualize. Good characters and backstories that blend well. Definitely can get you revved up.”

— 5 Stars from JLH, Amazon Review

“Included in this short Anthology are six stories for your entertainment. Fall in love with the characters as they find some inventive ways to keep warm!”

— 4 Stars from Emily Pennington, Kobo Review

“This is a fun and hot collection of short stories that really turn up the heat. I like that the authors used different paranormal-based characters, different settings and different interactions. Each story is fast and furious but spares no details to have you needing a cool drink by your side.”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review


“This was an very sexy book with the male lead having way too much fun along the way!”

— 5 Stars from MeemsAngel82, Amazon Review

TOUGH LOVE by Kira Stone

“This is a full on steamy read with a riveting story where the concept is different, interesting and excitingly fresh. I love idea the author created in with this. The reason the faculty exist, those that attend and the feelings they face and encounter. Their self love, acceptance, accountability, tragedy and a sexual heat that will leave you panting. Great read!”

— 5 Stars from Shelby, Amazon Review

“This is a really good story that is sensual and erotic. The rehab facility is a little different and unique. I like the concept, the characters and how the story develops. Cas and Jade are great together and for each other. I love the sweet and endearing ending.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“I really enjoyed this contemporary romance. It was written very well the author has a great way with words. I just couldn’t put this book down.”

— 5 Stars from Kelly S., Kobo Review

“Loved this story… It’s different and entertaining.”

— 5 Stars from Booklover1952, Kobo Review

“Prepare to be swept away by the scorching pages of this steamy read, where a captivating story unfolds with a concept that is refreshingly unique and thoroughly engrossing.”

— 5 Stars from Rebel L., Kobo Review

“This original and well-written psychological thriller will have you on the edge of your seat and guessing til the end. Jade will have your heart and bring out that protective instinct as you follow her struggles, into the heart of the intrigue. I highly recommend this tale for a weekend read.”

— 5 Stars from Chef_Rose, Barnes & Noble Review