Congratulations to all our authors for your great reviews this month!


“The author has given us a heartwarming story that pulls us into the lives of John and Mariana. The story keeps us turning the pages with anger, fears and steam.”

— 5 Stars from Jjohn1112, Barnes & Noble Review


“Enjoyable read. Well developed stories with interesting characters and relationships among them. Good reality building and background that adds to the story.”

— 4 Stars from Ula, Amazon Review

“Liam does his best to gift satisfaction to his friends. Intersting stories, fast flow. Interesting characters, nicely done. Excellent cover art!”

— 5 Stars from C.B., Amazon Review

“The story is simple (well, as simple as stories about paranormal night clubs and incubi are) and but engaging, the characters are fascinating, and the writing was a pleasure. I like this take on Liam, as it’s quite different from other interpretations of incubi I’ve come across. The world of Amour Magique was also interesting to explore. I’d definitely shelf this for when I want a nice, relaxing but enjoyable read.”

— 4 Stars from Eve C., Kobo Review

“I enjoyed the stories of how Liam took these men of the brotherhood all hurt in the past to the club Amour Magique on a supernaturals night and how they found true love and happiness for themselves.”

— 5 Stars from Dee, Kobo Review

CHANGELING by Shelby Morgen

“Steamy, funny and fast-paced, I found this to be an enjoyable and quick read. Best enjoyed with a drink and a light sense of humour, I feel plenty of readers should find this equally addictive.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews


“This book is very spicy, much more than Grimdarke. I loved watching Kat and Darke convincing their human selves to hurry the relationship along. With Kat stuck inside Kit, the female’s frustration lent itself to hilarious banter. Overall, I highly recommend Darker to paranormal romance and spicy urban fantasy readers.”

— 5+ Stars from Patty, N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Book Review

“This is a fab continuation of the prequel and is quite gritty and action packed. Kit and Grim are complicated characters and the author did a fab job layering a complex plot to fully suck you in. Grim and Kit have witty banter that’s really fun, but he also has banter with his inner cat. So much catitude.”

— 5 Stars from Lisa Bing, Goodreads Review

FOX HOUNDS by Lia Connor

“An enjoyable and sensual read, it was clear there was more to the plot than just a quick seduction and I was thrilled when the author followed through on that. Readers wanting a quick, sexy, paranormal story that has a few twists and turns in it should find this a lovely and refreshing change of pace.”

— Fern, Long and Short Reviews


“If you are a fan of Eva Chase’s The Blood Brotherhood, you will love the Maw of Mayhem. With vampires, witches, and cat shifters, Grimdarke will delight urban fantasy fans. What I loved the most were the colorful characters in the motorcycle club. I can’t wait for the next installment of this fantastic series.”

— 5++ Stars from Patty, N.N. Light’s Book Heaven Book Review

KIT-KAT (MAW OF MAYHEM MC 3) by AK Nevermore

“This third installment in the “Maw of Mayhem MC” saga. This tale weaves a web of intense suspense, violence, danger, twists and turns, drama, and plenty of steam; that will keep you completely spellbound. Grim, Kit, Tess, Asorav, and the rest of the MC are caught up in a non-stop chaotic whirlwind that will keep you guessing.”

— 5 Stars from Chef_Rose, Barnes & Noble Review

“Another great read from AK and what a way to give us more of Kit & Grim and Kat and Darke. Spicy, sarcastic and full of dirty deets, this one had me wanting more and more. I highly recommend this book as a continuation of the Maw of Mayhem series.”

— 5 Stars from Stacy Manning, Goodreads Review

“What a fascinating, heart pounding ride for this bibliophile! There is trouble, there is steamy (and raunchy) sex, there is intrigue. Everything one is coming to expect from this author is delivered in this latest installment of Mayhem. I find I’m fascinated by the secondary characters — they are far more intertwined than the usual supporting cast. Grab yourself a copy and hold on to the handlebars for a wild ride!”

— 5 Stars from Kira Stone, Goodreads Review

“Great addition to the great books before this one. You are never lost even in between books. Great characters you will love and want to know more. Written in great details and easy to read. But WARNING, you [will] be hooked!”

— 5 Stars from Tina Sturgill, Goodreads Review


“This was an interesting book. I like the look into this lifestyle and the concern and sympathy inherent in the characters. The steam was very nice.”

— 4 Stars from Emzy Strong, Amazon Review


“Their story was written so well, a full read despite a short length with some supernatural elements that are fun and a sexy pairing. Great couple and an entertaining story.”

— 4 Stars from MeemsAngel82, Amazon Review

“Gray and Rowan’s love story is supernaturally good. It’s a spicy and sweet paranormal romance.”

— 5 Stars from Madelynne, Amazon Review

“Will she make the right choice? A lovely story with two people who try to fight their attraction.”

— 5 Stars from Grammatoni, Kobo Review

“This is a steamy and hot supernatural read about Gray and Rowan. It is a short and fast paced story that is interesting and intriguing.”

— 5 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“With engaging supernatural elements and a captivating romance, it’s a quick read that packs a punch.”

— 5 Stars from Rebel L., Kobo Review

“This was a great book written by a great author. It kept me turning the pages I just couldn’t put this book down.”

— 5 Stars from Kels82, Barnes & Noble Review

“I loved that Rowan and Gray are so perfect for each other and are willing to get to know each other. Loved this hot steamy read.”

— 5 Stars from Fran B., Barnes & Noble Review

LOVE ME OR LEAVE ME by Cameron Allie

“The author has given us a wonderful selection of stories with this collection. Each fast-paced story pulls us into the lives of the characters and does not let go.”

— 5 Stars from Jjohn1112, Barnes & Noble Review

LUNAR LOVERS (ESCAPE! 2) by Kira Stone

“Enjoyable hot short story. Good reality with a kinky and paranormal twists. Hot hot action.”

— 5 Stars from Ula, Amazon Review

“Thoroughly enjoyed this quick read about a furry looking for some action. Instead he meets his mate, as furry as he can get.”

— 5 Stars from Niekol, Barnes & Noble Review

OBEDIENCE by Isabella Jordan

“This was definitely a well written read with a sexy twist… sweet as well.”

— 5 Stars from MeemsAngel82, Amazon Review

“…a quick read with spice and a great ending! The short story quickly grabs your attention and keeps it for the duration of the story.”

— 5 Stars from Wonderfvlly, Amazon Review

“…interesting and very steamy.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“I really enjoyed this book it was full of action and suspense. It kept me hooked till the very last page, I just couldn’t put this book down.”

— 5 Stars from Kels42, Barnes & Noble Review

“I enjoyed this tale of a princess who is promised to a prince from another planet. Reads like a fairytale.”

— 4 Stars from Niekol, Barnes & Noble Review


“I was really impressed that this erotic romance had a solid and complicated plot. Readers looking for a different, interesting and magical world style of paranormal story should find this book really fits the bill. While there are other books set in this world this can easily be picked up by itself and this is an author, I’d certainly be happy to read more from. Recommended.”

— 4 Stars from Fern, Long and Short Reviews


“This story was full of drama, suspense, action and plenty of romance! I love how Harley is able to seamlessly bring two clubs together to make such a strong and entertaining story. Believe me when I say, this will be a one sitting read. You will not be able to stop with just the next chapter!”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

“Fireworks for sure! This was a wild ride and Isy is a club princess but she isn’t weak. She is Rebel’s perfect match!”

— 5 Stars from Leslee Nevill, Amazon Review

“Rebel and Isy’s book was excellent. I’m absolutely certain that all of the reapers daughters are gonna make up almost the entirety of the old ladies in all the other clubs! And oh, boy, they’re gonna be some upset daddies! Harley always manages to Keep me engaged from start to finish on all her books, and this one was absolutely no different! I can’t wait to see who’s next.”

— 5 Stars from Julianna Winslett, Amazon Review

“I really enjoyed this book. It was so easy to read and so easy to follow. The book was insta-love but the chemistry they have was so real. I loved all aspects of this book and the author continues to deliver great books!”

— 5 Stars from Andrea, Amazon Review

“Rebel is an action-packed MC romance filled with drama and suspense that is sure to keep you on the edge of your seat.”

— 5 Stars from Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Amazon Review

“This book has it all, drama, romance and a ton of action and suspense but it’s a great next chapter on the Harley Wylde universe.”

— 5 Stars from Alibas, Barnes & Noble Review

“…action packed and so hot. Such a great continuation of the story!”

— 5 Stars from Brittany, Kobo Review

“I absolutely loved that Rebel treated Isy with respect and compassion, he step right in wanting to fight any demons coming her way and in turn she gave him her support, understanding and unconditional love. Goodness, I do not think I could love or adore this story more than I already do.”

— 5 Stars from Andrea Fernandez, Goodreads Review

“This book was really good. Loved the characters and storyline. Good twists and turns with some action and suspense. Keeps your attention from the start. Very enjoyable. Looking forward to more of this series.”

— 4 Stars from Carol Roll, Goodreads Review

“I loved it!!! Isy is a biker princess who needs the help and protection of a bada$$ biker like Rebel. Lots of action and so so much spice in this book!!! I loved how they got together quite early in the story and the rest was the plot with a bunch of hot scenes thrown in.”

— 5 Stars from Carly, Goodreads Review

SEX ON THE BEACH?! (ESCAPE! 3) by Willa Okati

“Sex on the Beach is a delightful and steamy short read featuring two gay vampires. This was definitely a different twist on beach books and most enjoyable.”

— 5 Stars from Flsunfan, Amazon Review

“This steamy short story features two gay vampires. There’s not much blood but plenty of sexiness. I got a kick out of Dusty’s ideas. Left me wanting more.”

— 5 Stars from Jesse H., Amazon Review

“This is a darling short story of two vampires who have find happiness and love among them.”

— 5 Stars from Grammatoni, Kobo Review

SLEEPING DRAGON by Stephanie Burke

“This is a new to me author but I will definitely be reading more of their books. This was an awesome read!”

— 5 Stars from Reatha, Amazon Review


“A story that is full of intrigue and action. It is very intense!”

— 5 Stars from Grammatoni, Kobo Review