November 2023

Congratulations to all our authors on your great reviews this month!

‘TIS THE SEASON (PASSAGES 1) by Gale Stanley

“I absolutely loved this holiday novella. It’s a beautiful story with main characters I fell in love with. This story needs to be widely read, and would make a great movie, if expanded.”

— 5 Stars from Rich Benson, Amazon Review

“This is an interesting book about two Jewish men who have or are facing their own challenges in life and with faith. I rarely see gay romances on this topic, and this one was a nice combination of low angst and heat, with a solid story and well developed characters for a novella.”

— 4 Stars from Romantic888, Amazon Review

“This is a sweet short low angst story about being your true self and finding your perfect other person be it by accident or destiny.”

— 4 Stars froM Babara P., Kobo Review

“Jonah has lost his faith and Aaron helps him learn things about himself that make him a happier person. There are explicit scenes, but they are a natural part of the story, flowing seamlessly into the narration. Well-developed main characters, a realistic plot, and an interesting read.”

— 5 Stars from Dee 2.0, Barnes & Noble Review

“This is a story for a Hanukkah romance. It may be a short one but it was really sweet. I enjoyed reading Jonah and Aaron’s story.”

— 4 Stars from DLB2572, Barnes & Noble Review


“I liked the tension the two m/c’s had. Their immediate attraction and the way they responded to one another throughout the story was terrific. The way the relationship bounced keeping them on their toes and the reader engaged was fun. Interesting, enjoyable and entertaining.”

— 5 Stars from Tap, Barnes & Noble Review


“…a modern twist on the Wizard of Oz but instead of Jasmine swept up by a tornado she falls into a book. I enjoyed the three stories and the different spins and twists. The characters are likable as well.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

ALIEN VAMPIRES by Crymsyn Hart

“…fairly quick reads and have a nice amount of spice.”

— Kymagirl, Amazon Review

“They are romantic, easy to read…”

— Fran B, Amazon Review

“…fairly short and quick reads that are steamy and sexy. Plenty of action and heat to go around. The stories are good with strong and likable characters.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“There is action, adventure and sizzling chemistry in these stories that kept me entertained.”

— 5 Stars from SEng, Barnes & Noble Review

“They were quick, easy and enjoyable reads. Not your stereotypically average vampires and there was a good mix of action, romance and steam.”

— 5 Stars from FayJ, Barnes & Noble Review

BEWITCHED BY THE BEAR by Jessica Coulter Smith

“A whimsical, magically addictive and enjoyable romance. Hale and Amara are absolutely adorable together, that is, once they let themselves actually be together. I enjoyed everything about this story.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“A story that is filled with humor, charm and spice.”

— 5 Stars from Mouse, Amazon Review

“This short steamy book was the perfect read to get me back into the swing of reading. With a sweet witch/steamy possible bear, and a witchy grandma who talks in riddles and belives her granddaughter can’t go wrong. Definitely had me laughing, and I loved the story telling…”

— 5 Stars from Autumn Tate, Amazon Review

“This book is for everyone who loves Witches and Bears. It’s insta love, drama, sexy scenes and a happily ever after guaranteed. Well written and thought out story line.”

— 5 Stars from Nadine B., Amazon Review

“This is a well written shifter story that kept me glued to the pages and cheering for Hale and Amara. Talk about fae, witches and wolves oh my!”

— 5 Stars from Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Amazon Review

BLOODWOLF by Sierra Dafoe

“I enjoyed the story. It’s very sensual. It’s a tale of forbidden love. I couldn’t put down. I enjoyed the paranormal aspects.”

— 4 Stars from Ann V., Kobo Review


“This book was so good! It’s a fast read but lord have mercy it’s not lacking in the spice department whatsoever. I absolutely loved this book. Lynn Burke is one of my all time favorite authors so I knew I was going to enjoy it, but it exceeded my expectations! If you’re looking for a good, spicy, fast read this one is for you!”

— 5 Stars from Megan Brooks, Amazon Review


“Great characters, world building. Story flowed well and I look forward to more books by this author.”

— 5 Stars from Rebel L, Kobo Review

ICE (BONES MC 14) by Marteeka Karland

“This was a departure from the typical Bones storylines… and I LOVED it. The bad guy got his ass kicked in the most righteous way. Ice was drool-worthy. Marteeka Karland never disappoints!”

— 5 Stars from Kira Stone, Goodreads Review

“I love the whole series but I think Ice is now my favorite. Would definitely recommend the series to anyone. Actually all her books are good haven’t read a bad one yet.”

— 5 Stars from Sandi Fish, Goodreads Review

“An nonstop action packed, exhilarating and sensually addictive ride to go on. Ice and Dawn are instantly drawn to one another and developed a deep connection. Amongst all the chaos surrounding them they find something neither of them expected. I loved, adored and enjoyed everything about this story.”

— 5 Stars from Andrea Fernandez, Goodreads Review

“Ice is another great, fast-paced story that’ll keep you gripping your seat.”

— 5 Stars from GKP2460, Goodreads Review

“Another winner in this series of books. This book was just full of suspense and danger. Insta love and great chemistry. Definitely a different type of story, but kept my attention from the start. Looking forward to the next book in this series.”

— 5 Stars from CRoll, Amazon Review

“Marteeka does it again! This story gives the reader plenty of action, danger, romance and an instalove that will have you sighing. The chemistry between Dawn and Ice is hot! Ice is so sweet and protective and Dawn feels more wanted for who she actually is then she ever has. Ice gives that precious gift to her.”

— 5 Stars from Dawn Greaves, Amazon Review

“There is so much goodness going on in this book! While helping out others during an impending hurricane, Ice also needs to protect Dawn from the Devil! I throughly enjoyed this fast paced read. It’s another awesome book of this series. I highly recommend you adding it to your library.”

— 5 Stars from Tasha, Amazon Review

“I thoroughly enjoyed this addition to this series and cannot wait to see where Ms. Karland will take us next.”

— 4 Stars from Titania, Amazon Review

“Ice ,being raised by Cain and Angel shows he knows how to treat a woman and Dawn is her fathers daughter. Great read!!”

— 5 Stars from Breezy, Amazon Review

IN TOO DEEP (THE DEEP END 1) by Alex Winters

“This is the first book from Alex Winters that I remember reading that was MM and I was definitely not disappointed. I loved the chemistry between all 3 of them and am so jealous!”

— 5 Stars from Reatha Klein, Amazon Review

“Quinn, Dash and Haley’s tale takes you on hot ride.”

— 5 Stars from Casvec, Amazon Reviews

“This is a fairly short and quick read. It is steamy, sexy and fun. I enjoyed the story and the banter.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“This is the first book I’ve read by Alex Winters and it was a great introduction to his writing. The story is hot as fire but it’s also very touching as three friends reconnect with each other.”

— 4 Stars from ButtonsMom2003, Barnes & Noble Review

“This was a fun and steamy second chance romance. I enjoyed seeing their romance unfold and look forward to what’s next by this author.”

— 4 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review

“If you like steamy scenes, you’ll enjoy this book!”

— 5 Stars from Carol Oz, Barnes & Noble Review

IRON (HADES ABYSS MC 11) by Harley Wylde

“I absolutely love Iron and Nari. I love that Iron will do anything to protect her and while Nari had to work on learning to trust she always feels safe with Iron. This book had me pulled in from the beginning I can’t wait to see what happens next.”

— 5 Stars from Gretchen Calder, Amazon Review

“Another fantastic book in the series. Iron sees Nari and is instantly curious about her and attracted to her. He’s not a soft man, usually coming across hard as nails, but with Nari he’s soft and sweet and will protect her. Nari has had a rough life and doesn’t know who to trust. These two together is fantastic!!!”

— 5 Stars from MLS, Amazon Review

“HW is making life very difficult for me! She keeps putting out the best heroes so I keep having to change my favorite! Just wonderful!”

— 5 Stars from Leslee Nevill, Amazon Review

“A deeply emotional, heart pounding romance that will break you apart before slowly piecing you back together again. Iron an Nari are two people who are clearly meant to be together. Their instant connection is absolutely adorable and heartwarming. This hard, gruff and surly man falls for a little meek woman and it’s beautiful. I loved going on this ride with them and the Hades Abyss MC.”

— 5 Stars from A. Fernandez, Amazon Review

“Literally HW always gives us the best MMC & FMC that my favorite books are always changing! I love that Iron is hard but soft with Nari! Harley had such a way with her characters and story lines that no one else can compete with! I definitely recommend!”

— 5 Stars from Dark and Angsty, Amazon Review

“Ever had a book bring you through every emotion? Well this one did. I felt this woman’s pain and agony. I felt her joy, her being scared . For Iron to live her through everything was amazing. She helped him come closer to his family, while he gave her one she never had. I can’t wait for what this author does next.”

— 5 Stars from Autumn Tate, Amazon Review

“This book surprised me as it was slightly darker than the others in the series. It was great because sometimes justice needs to be an eye for an eye and Harley delivered in an exceptional way.”

— 5 Stars from Minxy C., Amazon Review

“Harley Wylde is an outstanding writer with a phenomenal imagination. She uses real world issues and what could be excellent Solutions in her writing. All of her books are Wonderful and iron is no different. I fell in love with the characters and even more with the family and brothers. I highly recommend this book.”

— 5 Stars from Julianna Winslett, Amazon Review

“This heartfelt story has triggers that may be hard for some but had me in Nari and Iron’s corner to get their chance for a happily ever after.”

— 5 Stars from Merry Jelks-Emmanuel, Amazon Review

“I just adored Nari and she is certainly stronger than she thinks she is. I am glad she found Iron and this is one of my new favourites.”

— 5 Stars from Teri, Review


“Wanda packs so much in her naughty short stories through her deliciously dirty narrative and dialogue! Fun, sexy, and quick reads- love it!”

— 5 Stars from Merilu Keenum, Amazon Review

“As always Kitten’s stories are so sexy and delightful… Daddy steps in and takes care of his girl in more than one way. Join the story to see what special news this small family will receive 🥰. Enjoy.”

— 5 Stars from Shell R., Kobo Review

“This is a fun, spicy quick read featuring Isabella, her Daddy and Max. I enjoyed every minute.”

— 5 Stars from SEng, Barnes & Noble Review

“Fun, fast, and sexy… the spice was so hot. I’m enjoying this naughty series and look forward to more installments.”

— 5 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review


“Looking for a quick, steamy read? This novella is for you! Short story filled with passionate moments and compelling characters.”

— 5 Stars from Kallie0704, Amazon Review

“This was a really, really fast read! Having said that, those pages are packed with action and heat.”

— 4 Stars from BooksRLife, Amazon Review

“This was a very enjoyable, well-written short story about two strangers who meet and have a very hot moment in time… stimulating and engaging.”

— 5 Stars from Alias11, Amazon Review

“This is a good book if your looking for a really quick read with tons of heat. It’s a fun short steamy read!”

— 5 Stars from Reatha K., Kobo Review


“Very short, steamy tale… And a shocking surprise at the very end. Not much plot but lots and lots of erotic heat. Quick fun read.”

— 4 Stars from Deedee, Amazon Review

“This is a really quick hot read that get right to the point!”

— 5 Stars from Reatha Klein, Amazon Review

“…a very happy ending! A couple of twists are thrown in the mix with a bit of humour and lots of steam!”

— 5 Stars from Babara P., Kobo Review

“I know that the blurb for this book says to expect limited plot but I felt like this short story by Kira Stone did a pretty good job of giving us insight into the relationship between Bay and Court. It is definitely as advertised, a short about an encounter between a sub and his dom. I like that Stone has Bay keep checking in with those involved and not just Court to make sure that everything is going well and is safe even while giving Court an amazing time.”

— 4 Stars from Sue, Kobo Review

“This book is a creative, very short story about two lovers celebrating their nine month anniversary and testing the limits of their love in public. A steamy and erotic book that provides an awesome short getaway from the real world. It fits into our busy life styles perfectly!”

— 5 Stars from Carol Oz, Barnes & Noble Review

“Short & steamy.”

— 4 Stars from Dubdubk, Barnes & Noble Review


“This tale was a rollercoaster ride. Kenna is a kickass lead character and Rob is a hottie.”

— 4 Stars from Noemi, Amazon Review

“…action packed with suspense, danger, humor, witty dialogue, passion and good twists.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“This is an intriguing paranormal romance.”

— 4 Stars from Rhonda Howell, Kobo Review


“Two steamy stories in one book that was different than most stories I read. The Stonegars are very protective of the people who come into their lifes. I found the stories to be interesting… Unique.”

— 4 Stars from Barbara W., Kobo Review

“…very interesting with a dynamic and unique concept.”

— 4 Stars from Signeon, Barnes & Noble Review

“This is a fun and very steamy set of stories that were rather unique for me. I really like that the author bundled these two stories together because there were some gaps in the first book that left me with questions and they were well answered in the second. I love how protective the Stonegars were and yeah, needed a fan for all the heat they generated.”

— 4 Stars from LBing, Barnes & Noble Review


“This is a action packed steamy read that is short and quick. This one brings everything full circle and wraps things up nicely. This paranormal story is very steamy and intriguing with some danger, suspense, drama and a touch more excitement and other surprises.”

— 4 Stars from Mary S., Kobo Review

“…a lot of bodily fun to be had, a lot of drama and action and tears and finally, finally a happy ending.”

— 5 Stars from AnnieU, Barnes & Noble Review