Useless Information

November 2023

  • The pit bull breed is the result of a cross between a
    bulldog and a terrier.
  • According to studies, the average person spends about
    three years of their lives sitting on a toilet.
  • The Pentagon goes through roughly 666 rolls of toilet
    paper a day.
  • In 2010, General Electric made a $5 billion profit in their
    U. S. businesses, but paid zero dollars in federal taxes.
  • From 2009 to 2011, 14 million Toyota vehicles were re-
    called because of safety issues.
  • The odds of having a car accident are 70 percent
    higher in the rain.
  • The temperature of a closed car can rise nineteen
    degrees in just ten minutes and forty-three degrees in
    an hour.
  • In 2009, there were more drug-related deaths
    -37,485- in the United States than traffic deaths. That’s
    about one drug-related death every fourteen minutes.
Borrowed by Daheap from The Incredible Book of Use-
less Information (Even More Pointlessly Unnecessary
Knowledge); Don Vorhees